Join us and discover Kosta's greatness in the small. Here you will know the glass craft, can try it yourself if you want, and enjoy the proximity to nature. You will find taste experiences beyond the ordinary and meet the adventure around the corner.

Kosta's history begins in 1742 when two of Karl XII's generals founded Kosta glassworks. Kosta got her name from the founders themselves, Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Stael von Holstein, Ko-Sta.

One of the reasons why the glassworks ended up in the middle of the deep Småland forests was precisely the unlimited supply of forest that was needed as fuel for the glass ovens.

Kosta today offers a lot of experiences. Standing next to the ovens in the cabin and seeing the glass take shape is a unique spectacle. As a visitor there is the opportunity to see the skilled craftsmen working closely. Join us on a guided tour organized by Kosta Boda Art Gallery!

Glascenter also offers the opportunity to try and blow glass yourself.

Also experience Kosta Boda Art Hotel, where 7 of Kosta Boda's designers put their personal touches on all environments and hotel rooms. Of course, Kosta also offers fantastic shopping opportunities - find well-known brands at affordable prices in Kosta Outlet, Kosta Boda store and Iittala Outlet!

In the surroundings around Kosta you will find the old mill buildings, a wonderful, soothing nature with single backs, stone courtyards and sparkling small lakes that invite fishing. Meet Europe's own Bison, Visent, Dov Deer, Red Deer and Wild Boar at Kosta Safari Park. Here is also the opportunity to see the king of the forest close up in Grönåsen Älg- & Lantdjurspark.


To Do


  • Look at Glassblowing

  • Try to blow glass you self

  • Shop at Kosta Outlet

  • Sleep and bath at Kosta Lodge

  • See all the animals at Kosta Safripark

  • Eat the genuine Hyttsill

  • Spa at Kosta Boda Art Hotel

  • Eat at Brasserie 1742

  • Visit the Moose park

  • Feel the heat from the

    glass furnace

  • Visit the Car meat up

  • Visit the Chrismas fair Kosta